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Why You Should Buy $100 Worth of Gold & Silver


If you had invested $100 into gold or silver in 1971 your investment would be over $3,040 for gold today ($1,200 for silver). It’s a sobering thought. Gold prices have seen much speculation over the last few years due to their dramatic escalation in value. In a uncertain economic time the safest place to invest money is in precious metals.
Why You Should Buy $100 Worth of Gold & Silver infographic from Money Metals Exchange shows what your investment would buy today in comparative terms – and it’s always easier to consider what a sum is if you view it comparative.

The infographic also offers advice that the dollar is devaluing over time and it is a much smarter and after move for the long term to buy up precious metals. Quantitative easing has a long term impact and the devaluation of the dollar is only going to get worse.

Overall the design of the infographic is good. Nice use of blue background. The left and right sections divide and differentiate between gold and silver. Strong illustrative icons and comparative use of data.

My comment is that Money Metals Exchange is the only source for this information and not an unbiased opinion.

why you should buy $100 worth of gold and silver

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