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Why Care About Pollution?


Why Care About Pollution infographic begins with an almost dystopian opening banner, a grey industrial world shrouded in smog – or is it a pre Victorian industrial nation of black lung and bad health? A rather depressing way for me to begin this review!

What this infographic from does well is set the scene and evokes emotion in the banner – it makes us aware of how repellent pollution is and stirs our social conscience with its bold call to arms of, ‘Why care about pollution?’

The colours used are sludge, heavy, smokey, dark and cast a gloom on our thoughts. Oh, the horror of pollution, it will be the end of us all! As we move down through the infographic the colours become brighter until towards the end the glimmer of hope from solar panels breaks through and we are thrust into a bright and colourful world of hope. This is a subtle but powerful trick of colour which is not immediately obvious but the mind subconsciously picks up.

The illustrations are bold and graphic. The infographic tells a story as the eyes moves down the screen – the illustrations help to deliver the story by making the information obvious to the eye.

The meat of the sandwich is the information delivered and this graphic does deliver. Focused on its subject of pollution the statistics make a strong and persuasive argument for why we need to change our ways and address the issues of pollution. The solution being solar power.

I think my favourite stat is that every three minutes someone switches to solar power! It’s the ultimate call to action.

Why Care About Pollution infographic

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