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Which Plastic Is Right For Me?


Don’t be fooled by the obscure subject matter of the title for this infographic. At first glance it might be easy to dismiss the valuable content that this piece holds. Out of all the infographics I see, and review, (that’s a lot) this has to be one of the most useful I have come across in a long time.

Which Plastic Is Right For Me? Plastic Packaging Cheat Sheet offers an in-depth guide to all plastic containers. Not just for people who require packaging for a liquid product the infographic has genuine social interest for anyone who recycles or would like to know just what their orange juice carton is made from.

I admit, I am a geek and read food labels very carefully, I love to be always learning but most of all my health is a top priority so I study ingredients on food and cosmetic products very carefully. Therefore, the information in this cheat sheet is of real appeal to me.

The design is great example of how to deliver complex information in a visual way that is easy to understand and consume. This graphic really ticks all the boxes.

I love:
The subtle shapes of the different types of container
The colour arrow columns
The clear use of Icons
The delivery of key information such as essential oils and the ‘chasing arrows’ symbol
The bottle shaped table for what packing determines what material

An excellent infographic from a niche manufacturer who has shown that delivering niche information can be of real value and have wider social appeal. O.Berk has offered us a prime piece of content marketing by focusing on what they know best (plastics) and delivering useful and relevant information. I’m very impressed with this infographic.

Which Plastic Is Right For Me? Plastic Packaging Cheat Sheet

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