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What Sort of Housemate Are You?


Can you remember the Young Ones TV programme from the 80s? A collection of four students who lived in London. A hippie, a punk, an anarchist and a smooth ladies man. The cult TV show was a representation of what student life was back in the 80s – in the times when you could get a full education paid for and a full student grant which was just enough to live off. The genius about the show was that it covered the typical stereotypes found in a shared house.

It’s a rite of passage going through a house share. I would like to think it is character building but in reality some of the experiences I had pushed what is acceptable to the very limit and beyond.

Thinking back to some of the characters I lived with who made my life a misery. Is it any wonder I now choose to live alone – I think not!

What Sort of Housemate Are You Infographic? The 8 most likely people to meet in a house share breaks the stereotypes down into: The Very Tidy One (that would be me), The musical One, The Invisible Me, The lazy One (my nemesis), The Posh One, The Ghost Writer, The Borrowing One (doesn’t everyone hate this one?) and the Other Half (get your own place).

The infographic does not show any stats or data but falls into the realms of an illustrated story. The descriptions are quirky and funny and the illustrations are well designed.

I like this infographic for it’s emotional appeal. When you read it you instantly tap into your own memory of experiences and it encourages an emotive reaction; which the most successful pieces of content do. Well presented and good concept.

What Sort of Housemate Are You Infographic?

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