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What Pet Door Size Should You Buy?


Picture this, you bring home your beloved new ball of fur pet. Your companion and friend. You sit and watch TV together, you go for walks together and you snuggle up in bed together. Your best friend.

And then, after the fifty-sixth time you get up out of your chair to let them in the door as they meow or woof you realise that either the ball of fur stays perpetually indoors or you get them their own key (and a pet door).

Next step, you’re online cruising for a pet door, you click buy, it arrives. You spend several hours fitting the door, you cut your thumb once and hammer your finger twice. You swear several times.

Until… the pet door is installed and ready for business…

You shout for ‘Fluffy’ and twenty minutes later find Fluffy with his head stuck halfway through the pet door.

You then realise that the pet door you bought was for a Dachshund sized pooch whilst Fluffy is more large dog that could eat a Dachshund as a light snack.

If only you had done your research and someone had produced an infographic that shows you the different sizes of pets and what pet door size you should buy.

Oh, wait…

What Pet Door Size Should You Buy? infographic does what it says on the tin.

A clean cut design that delivers the information you need, visually and quickly. As all successful infographics aspire to do.

What Pet Door Size Should You Buy?

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