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What Dog Breed Matches your MBTI Personality


What should an infographic be? Is it data visualisation, is it graphic and illustrative, is it information or is it entertainment? Infographics can cover all of the above and more, but an infographic is a tool to provide relevant information with or without an emotional connection to your audience.

Brands use infographics to connect with the customer and audience; this is a fact. There is such a saturation of information online that cutting through the noise is increasingly difficult, if not impossible. Creating topics that can gain attention, be informative and be entertaining is not easy – having ideas that can work is a tough game. I should know I do this for a living.

Many pieces of content revert to combining two obscure subjects to gain attention, such as what fishing taught me about business or what London fashion week taught me about my relationship, etc. etc. But these are just title with little value and a lot of cliche.

What I do like about What Dog Breed Matches your MBTI Personality infographic, is that it is a startling unusual combination of a headline and makes me stop to say, what? But, it is also based on real factual information. It’s advised that people choose a dog based on their personality and lifestyle, in fact, it’s not just myth that dogs and their owners look alike!

I consider this an insightful twist on a content topic and is one of the better combinations of random title ideas I have seen in a while.

The design focuses on photographs of the dogs, and this works well. I would like to see the text at a bigger size for readability, but generally, this is a well thought out piece of content.

What Dog Breed Matches your MBTI Personality infographic

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