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Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign


I have to make a confession that recently I put a website live and left the ‘noindex’ tag on. Oh my, was that embarrassing, especially when the client noticed it before I did. As any web professional can tell you, putting a website live is a stressful process and there is so much to remember. But, not only are we doing cross browser testing and making sure that everything technically works as it should. No, today we have to consider that everything complies with SEO also.

Putting a brand new domain live is not such an issue but when you are dealing with an existing site that has good rankings and exposure online. The last thing you want to see is a steep drop in your analytics after the new site is live.

I would imagine most professionals have their own lists they have created by trial and error and through hard lessons (see above). But you don’t always think of everything.

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign infographic from Digitrio is a great tool to have as a checklist so that you can run through and make sure you have addressed everything essential when redesigning your site.

I like that the infographic is clearly sectioned off into stages of process, such as: pre-design, during redesign, pre-launch and post-launch.

The design relies heavily on graphic icon visuals which is a highly effective way to convey the information at a glance. What I like so much about this piece is that you can glance and be reminded of what you need to do without wading through lines and lines of copy. You know how and what to do but you just need a reminder.

A very useful graphic targeted at a niche market this piece of content gets a big tick on the checklist from me.

Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign infographic

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