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Top 5 Phones at a Glance


The Phone Price Checker from Gumtree was reviewed recently and as stated is a great piece of content that integrates seamlessly with their products for a superior user experience. I am a huge advocate for tools that enhance customer and user experience as part of a content marketing strategy. The customer benefits through a useful tool of value and the brand benefits through maintained customer relationship and the share potential. The Price Checker tools that Gumtree offer are very much on target with the site offering.

The Top 5 Phones at a Glance infographic is a snapshot of the information from the interactive tool so that you can take away at a glance what the to phones are and what their average selling prices are.

No surprise that iPhone 5 is the top phone. Very closely followed by Samsung Galaxy S4 (I am surprised as to how high the price is on the Galaxy). Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia all make the top 5 phones.

The visual representation of the data is very striking and has real clarity. The use of the sliding bars tells you where the price falls in relation to a fast or slow sale.

The icons of the phones are distinct and the price tags highlight the key pullout data (phone prices) clearly.

Design is bright, bold and aligned with the Phone Price Checker and the Gumtree brand.

As a standalone infographic this is a mildly reasonable piece of content but in combination with the interactive Price Checker the graphic is a means to gain wider exposure and drive users back to the main site tool – this is how good content marketing works. Repurposing concepts across channels to get maximum exposure. A great example from Gumtree.

Top 5 Phones at a Glance

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