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Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal


I often wonder, did cavemen obsess over the price and value of their cave? Did they think – If I put a few more boulders out the front will it look more appealing. Or, does this luxury wooly mammoth fur rug complement the rock settee?

Maybe that is where cave paintings came from? A caveman thought – this cave just doesn’t have the wow factor that I think it deserves so he employed the local talented artist and got him to add a little ‘something’ to add some pizazz to his property.

Fast forward to the pioneers and settlers that braved the odds to establish new communities across America. What was at the top of the list for a homestead? Picture view window to take advantage of the expansive views or tiny windows to keep out the dust, heat and cold?

It’s fascinating how property has developed over time, from a functional safe cave, to a shelter from the hardship of new open land and to today – the biggest asset a person will most likely own.

There is so much investment in a property that it is understandable how the value of a property is so vitally important – the revenue from a house is more likely to provide funds for security than the property is to provide security – if that makes sense?

I guess having creative persuasion I do fixate on the aesthetic quality and appeal of just about anything – I am visually lead so making a property as presentable as possible is second nature to myself.

For everyone else, we have Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal for under $1,000 infographic from

A well-presented and visual guide to the tips that can instantly make a difference to a property sale.

tips to improve your curb appeal infographic

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