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The Sleeping Positions


There is no doubt that sleep is one of the most fundamentals of life and it is the foundation of all health. Without good sleep it’s impossible to function to our potential. Personally I am awful if I don’t get enough sleep and find it very difficult to function without a quality seven hours minimum.

With sleep being such a huge part of life, we spend a a quarter of it in bed, then our sleeping habits are also a big part of who we are. What is fascinating about sleeping is that this is the only time we are really ourselves and we have no control over how we behave during sleep. So, of course our personality is going to be refelected in how we sleep, and we can’t hide it!

The Sleeping Positions infographic has a ‘dreamy’ appeal and perfectly reflects the subject matter in it’s design.

The header begins with an illustrated banner evocative of children’s bedtime books. We are introduced to the subject and instantly get the feel of ‘sleepy dreamtime’.

The colours used support the sleep state; the colour palette of blues and grey are harmonious with a sleep sedated mind and induce a calm and relaxed state.

Sections are clearly blocked out with the use of background colour. The graphic leads you through the information by introducing why we need sleep, how much we need and problems that occur when we are sleep deprived.

The main section about sleeping positions are each well illustrated to instantly convey the information whilst the concise text offers an explanation of what each position means. The finishing detail is the statistic about how many people sleep in that position.

What is clever about this style of infographic is that a reader will engage by looking for their sleep position to learn about who they are. And then measure this to see if they are mainstream or in the minority. In a manner of speaking it could be considered social gamification: ‘Do I have the best sleeping style?’

Overall this is a dreamy, sleepy, pleasant, enjoyable infographic from which is suitable for the site audience and a very good piece of brand content.

The Sleeping Positions infographic

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