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Ten Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game


There is no doubt that technology and specifically the internet has changed the world dramatically over the last twenty years. In the same way that the invention of the printing press preceded the ‘enlightenment’ and changed the way information was distributed; knowledge became accessible by anyone (who could read).

Technology and creativity are parallel to each other existing in a symbiotic relationship that feeds each other and helps each other to grow. The creative thinking that inspired the development and evolution of technology; the technology that enables and realises creative ideas far more efficiently and readily than before.

When I recollect the introduction of the first mass production Macintosh computer and the impact that had on the publishing and design world at the end of the eighties, this changed design layout forever. No more cut and paste and limitations of a Letraset catalogue. I even remember working with Photoshop 1.0 – it used to take about 30 minutes to render a filter, but it opened up so much possibility for photo montage that sparked the ‘deconstruction’ era of work by Dave Carson et al.

And today, the progression in coding opens up even more room for creative expression, with the development of animation and interactivity. The application and seamless integration of technology into the real world with augmented reality. I could go on.

So, the Ten Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game infographic by Acuity Training; a functional and direct graphic that highlights the marriage of technology and creativity.

Is it even possible to be a designer without embracing technology?

the Ten Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game infographic

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