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Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill


As a self confessed internet addict I can’t exist without broadband. Recently I had a problem with my broadband connection at home and was left offline for five days. I do everything online, short of brushing my teeth, so I was completely lost. Each time I went to turn on the TV (I use Netflix and iPlayer) or do some shopping, or check a train time – the realisation of just how much I rely on being connected came home to me.

I like to think I run a simple life and for someone who works in tech I have relatively few tech gadgets. The few things I can’t live without are my iPhone, laptop, electric toothbrush and my food grill. If you considered a world apocalypse and electricity was shut down how would we all exist? Ok, I could switch to an old fashioned manual toothbrush (at a push) and if the world as we know it was ending I would most likely not be able to rely on home delivery food services, so would have to get out and forage; which wouldn’t be the end of the world but living without a hot shower would be very very hard. First world problems – we don’t realise how easy we have it.

It’s no wonder that home energy bills are so high when we have all become gadget addicts. The average home in the US has 50+ household items that require electricity or gas. The number one energy waster is the TV.

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill infographic from offers stats about energy consumption in the US (Hawaii is one of the top five states with the highest electric bill?).

Starting from the top the graphic has a bold banner title which delivers the key stat of what the average monthly electric bill is (and was). We then scroll into a strong image of a globe showing the top five states with highest consumption (it’s still Hawaii) and then we scroll through a variety of stats and information about household energy use.

Each section is clearly defined by a strong colour palette which represents the sky filtering down into the ground (blue and brown). The key stats are highlighted and represented by strong graphic elements. An infographic of social interest relevant to the brand’s demographic.

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

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