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World Earth Day is on Friday 22nd April. In alignment with this awareness day I have been forwarded an infographic with a subject of ‘saving the air’.

The fact that we now spend so much of our lives indoors (87% apparently) in practically air tight sealed buildings has attributed to a huge increase in breathing problems such as asthma, allergies and general ill health. The superior healing benefits of spending time outdoors, in fresh unpolluted air is nothing new. Even the Victorians were aware of the health restorative benefits of ‘taking the air’ at the coast and was often administered by physicians.

It also used to be that once-upon-a-day that when spring came round the entire contents of a house would be taken outside to be aired and the non fixed carpets would be taken outside and beaten within a inch of their lives. Pre double glazing the gaps in windows and around doors would ensure that a house had considerable draughts and air flowing through constantly. Sadly, in our advanced technological age we have managed to move backwards by trapping ourselves in air tight boxes which harbour chemicals, dust mites, allergens and VOCs. Slowly poisoning ourselves to death.

I may have diverted on an extreme tandem regarding the subject of this infographic so I will come back to the main topic and point which is improving the quality of air in your home and how you can save energy by being efficient with your air conditioning systems.

The Save the Air infographic from Save Your Air, does highlight interesting facts surrounding the quality of air in our homes. As quoted above, the most shocking statistic to take away from this piece of content is the fact that Americans spend 87% of their time indoors. I find this sad because we now have such a disconnect with nature and the earth – presumably the link to World Earth Day – it is no surprise that we have lost our respect for the seasons and the planet.

The design of this infographic is pleasant and very much aligned with the topic. All the information is clearly delivered in a well balanced composition. The simplicity of the graphics is ‘on trend’ and offers a fresh graphic visual.

save the air infographic

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