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That title might be a bit of a tongue twister but this piece of content is a straightforward look at the world of RVs and their boom in popularity over the decades. A 64% rise in ownership since 1980 is a huge rise and, to me, begets the question: what has caused this?

What surprises me the most is that the very first RV was around just over 100 years ago! Would love to see a photo of what that looked like. Although if you consider, the covered wagons of the Pioneers who first ventured into the Wild West could be RVs of a kind?

The graphic banner starts with a stunning retro style illustration of an RV zipping along the open road with forests and mountains behind. Highlighting the latent dream of many to escape from the dreary life and be free to roam.

There is no doubt as to the subject of this graphic and the banner illustration is quickly followed by the introduction beneath which underlines and clarifies with its message of how many RVs there are: 9 million (US) and their increase in numbers. 2011-2014 are then broken down into more detail of sales figures nicely visualised with mini camper vans.

The flow of information through the graphic offers a meandering story of RV popularity; starting with volumes, reasons why Americans love them (answers my question at the top) and then a series of quirky facts all about RVs. I love quirky facts.

The colour palette used throughout is indicative of the organic nature of the outdoors and camping and the retro style lends itself so well in the illustrations that add a great visual finish.

RV Covers are very much focused on their consumer with this piece of content and have created a visual feast of information that an RV user would find of real interest.

I love the style and design of this piece and find the snippets of information relevant and interesting. A great brand piece.

R & R & RVing infographic

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