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NYC Subway Circular Map


This is pretty interesting and different – the NYC subway visualised as a circular map and not the iconic grid pattern we are so used to seeing with Tube/Subway/metro map design. This infographic comes after the London Tube was redesigned by Max Roberts. Roberts describes himself as: “I am a psychologist who has researched into human intelligence and inference for over 20 years (my credentials) but my interests are now primarily concerned with schematic mapping (and wayfinding information in general). I design maps, conduct usability studies to test them, and have exhibited my work internationally.”

Roberts has dedicated time to redesigning maps as he believes that “design flaws make them unnecessarily difficult to use”. The radical approach is certainly startling and throws a whole new perspective on the usability of schematic transport maps.

The classic London Underground Tube map was designed by Harry Beck in 1931 and has been replicated worldwide as a standard. The iconic design has been replicated to countless merchandise and redesigned in many different subjects over the years.

It takes a brave man to mess with such a classic but I think he has created something respectable and striking. Roberts also has a book available called – ‘Underground Maps Unravelled, Explorations in Information Design’ and his maps can be purchased on his site here. I recommend a visit.

NYC subway circular map

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