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How Much Is a Football Player Worth?


World cup fever – yes it’s fast approaching. Expect flags to start appearing on cars and windows and men to start staggering round in football tops and crazy oversized hats (even more than usual).

The World’s 100 most valuable players from Gumtree is an interactive infograpchic that is riding current topical trend as it asks how much is a football player worth?

Lets face it does a footballer really justify €21 million? how can one individual be rated at such a price – just for kicking a ball? But when you consider the value they can add to a club through the sales of merchandise such as shirt sales then you can see through the smokescreen that football has anything to do with sport and see the reality – it’s a business about making money. Cynical? its the truth.

The main screen shows a football field with rollover elements on the pitch to show who plays in which position (useful for me as I have no ideas who these people are). You can also click on the faces which reveals a data box on the right of the individual player stats -I couldn’t capture this in the screen grab as when i rolled off to press grab it disappears.

how much is a footballer worth 1

If you click on the map right you access another page which displays which countries have players in the top 100 (which I think is Spain, surprisingly) when you rollover.

how much is a footballer worth 2

I do find the data in this infographic very interesting and the page at the bottom shows a break down of the top 100 players and their value from Ronaldo at €21 million down to Diamanti at a paltry €1 million – I wonder if he suffers from inferiority? Probably has a big car.

Interesting topical content. Overall its okay but the design on the main screen would have benefited from more input and attention – the football pitch is too small and the layouts confusing.

You can see the full interactive version of How much is a football player worth here.

how much is a footballer worth 3

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