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Motivating your kids to stay organized


Kids + organized = no way.
Kids + disorder = yes way.

Dirty dishes and cups under the bed, piles of dirty clothes in the corner of the room, toys scattered around the house, homework books left at school – sound familiar? Oh, by-the-way, I have soccer practise today and need my clean kit. You’re kidding me?

Kids and chaos go hand-in-hand. Forget the zen-like space you used to live in before they came along. If you can find the car keys in the morning it’s a miracle.

Kids are not by their nature inclined to say, can I help with that? Let me do the chores tonight. I have everything I need organised for school tomorrow. These mini-mes need help and coaching to become the perfect well-rounded adults we aspire them to be. They’re just kids, they need to learn.

A few tips on how to mentor these little grunge monsters:

Set a daily routine for chores:

  • Train them to understand that organizaional skills are essential in team sports
  • If they are more organised they can have more time to play
  • Make clean-up time into a game

The Motivating your kids to stay organized infographic from The Shelving Store is a no frills, to-the-point graphic to help parents get to grips with teaching skills to their kids.

Good luck trying to get your kids to put the top back on the juice bottle in the fridge!

Motivating your kids to stay organized infographic

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