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London Borough Tool


I had this HTML5 interactive infographic sent through from NatWest – a London Borough Comparison Tool which stood out from some of the usual dross I see. What I like about this interactive infographic is that it provides useful data and makes a complex situation visually simple – being able to visualise data on all the London Boroughs when making considerations for property values etc is a great resource.

London borough tool

The infographic details:

Average property prices
Crime rates
Travel costs
School ratings
Council tax rates
Parking permit costs

A couple of features I really like are that you can switch the travel zones on and off.

London borough tool


You can also compare up to 3 boroughs side by side for a comparison.

London borough tool

Feedback to consider is that I would have created a standalone landing page – the tool is lost at the bottom of a standard page with too much going on at the top which is distracting and if you dont know what you are looking for its easy to miss. Design wise it does fit in with NatWest branding but its nothing inspiring. Overall this gets a thumbs up for providing a useful tool.

You can see the full London Borough Tool here.

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