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Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries


Relevancy to your audience should be the first thing you think of when creating content and specifically for infographics. Your goal should be to create something informative that your audience can learn and benefit from. Repurposing content that would otherwise be confusing, uninspiring or lost within the page.

Any niche which is considered ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ can overcome this by formatting information in a visual manner. Take a body of content that would be dry and tedious to read if it were a wall of text and convert this into a series of illustrations and sections which can be easily skimmed by the eye and information consumed in easy to read bites.

Infographics have become a huge market and the volume of niche content is expanding. I like to see content presented in an illustrative form as it is much easier for the brain to consume whilst being engaging and a more pleasant experience for a user. This is really what matters.

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries infographic follows the template of taking information, that could be overlooked in a plain article, and have created a graphic that is easy to read, visual and delivers relevant information. Creative Saftey Supply know who their audience are and have delivered a piece of content that would be of interest specifically to them.

The design is broken down into sections, each illustrated by a ‘fun’ figure representative of the section. The main percentage statistic is bold and stands out in the visual hierarchy. The graphic can be visually skimmed and the facts consumed within seconds. The focus of graphical communication is to instantly convey information – and this is what you have.

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries infographic

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