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How Search Works


Ok, I’m a bit loathe to cite Google and I have to say I think they are pretty cheeky to produce an infographic after Matt Cutts declared war on them but you have to hand it to Google – they push out fantastic design. But then anyone who has pockets as deep as Gs are going to have the resources to produce the world’s best content. So, How Search Works is a parallax scrolling page all about how the Google algorithm calculates rankings – in a very simplistic laymans way.

How search works

The HTML5 infographic starts out by telling us how Google navigates the web by crawling links and the pages are ranked according to 200 factors. They fight spam 24/7 to keep search results relevant (anyone feeling that this sounds a bit Batmanesque?) and to round off the bottom of the page tells you how long you have been looking at the page and during that time how many searches were conducted.

How search works

Actual data content is pretty basic primary school stuff but the design and scrolling is super slick, flawless fresh graphics and a delightful usability action. I find this piece of content incredibly appealing and revisit it to get inspiration often. I am still curious at the two sided nature to Google – their ever growing world domination and war against anything they call SEO or spam – when really its all just smoke and mirrors to hide their out and out greed. All of Google’s terms just cover up how they are driving websites to buy into their paid ad models through PPC and to keep sites building content to fuel their giant money making machine – search needs quality fresh content. Anyway that rant is for another day and another site but don’t let me detract from the quality of the ‘How Search Works’ infographic which does deserve a look…  (i really should no follow that link haha)

How search works

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