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Home Improvement Etiquette


Home improvement programmes have been popular for years on TV. Changing Rooms – who can forget Laurence Llewelyn Bowen reducing emotional couples to tears after creating a purple monstrosity out of their bedroom? My favourite being Grand Designs, I am still in love with Hüf Houses. The other end of the scale is Builders From Hell – a programme that exposes the shoddy workmen and scam merchants who give the construction industry a bad name.

What these programmes fail to tell you is how to conduct yourself with builders and tradesman. If you have grown up in an environment isolated from having to deal with plumbers or electricians how do you know what protocol and etiquette dictates?

I would speculate that a high percentage of the population feel highly uncomfortable employing a contractor and don’t relish the prospect of a stranger having access to their home. I think my bug bear would be having dirty shoes on clean floors and I am amazed that 80% of people asked in the survey would NOT ask contractors to remove shoes.

To start the infographic has conducted their own research which is the basis for a strong infographic and I am pleased to see a company using their own resources to this effect.

The design of the graphic well reflects the subject and has a strong opening banner and is clearly sectioned throughout the graphic. I particularly like the colour palette used which is a harmonious blend of colours I feel represent the theme.
Home Improvement Etiquette infographic is a strong piece of research combined with good design and presentation; a job well done by

Home Improvement Etiquette infographic

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