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Gumtree Phone Price Checker


Gumtree have produced a Phone Price Checker interactive infographic. It sits well alongside their other apps: Property Price Checker and Car Price Checker. Gumtree have a good eye for producing relevant content that addresses their users needs. Then integrating this seamlessly into the site so that the content flows through to the product listings. An all round great content user experience.

Gumtree Phone Price Checker

If I wanted to list my phone for sale, having a tool like this to check what the current selling prices are would be very useful. I especially like the slide bar which denotes the price scale for a slow or fast sale. Nice touch.

Gumtree Phone Price Checker

The page is styled to integrate with the Gumtree site and very much on brand. They make good use of colour to highlight the calls to action and the big orange call to action button grabs your attention on the page. Gumtree, like Amazon, clearly spend a great deal of investment into their on page conversion.


Each phone model has a clearly defined section to show the relevant prices. The styling is graphic and clean. Icons are attractively styled.

Gumtree Phone Price Checker

The sections have the added touch of a little animated flair: titles sweeping in from the side and the price loads as counter. All nice touches, subtle but add so much. I am a big fan of minimal design with touches of flair. Nothing should be on the page that doesn’t need to be there and Gumtree seem to understand this.

Overall this is a greta little tool. My only negative is that it is only available in Rand – would love to see this is worldwide currency.

You can see the full interactive Price Checker from Gumtree here…

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