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Gumtree Laptop Price Checker


The Laptop Price Checker is a continuation in the series of price checkers from Gumtree. Prime examples of useful and informative tools directed at their core user. The laptop price checker reviews the top brands and models of laptop and then delivers their average selling price. The price can be adjusted for quick and slow sales.

The landing page is a clear branded design which sites well into the website. Selection of models is clear and easy and user path is very easy to follow (just press the big orange button).

Gumtree Laptop Price Checker

Next page loads with good use of animation on prices and figures. Each laptop has an image for easy identification and graphic icons are used to represent the models. I love the drag slide bar to change the quick sale/slow sale price.

Colours are strong and there is clear typographic heirachy.

At the bottom of the page there is clear direction with a selection of their ads for the relevant laptop. This is excellent user experience and great content marketing.

You can see the full interactive infographic of the Laptop Price Checker here

And Gumtree also produced a static version of the Top 5 Laptops At A Glance, below.

Gumtree Laptop Price Checker

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