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Gone to the Beach Infographic


Summer time is here and all I can think about is getting to the beach and feeling some sunshine on my skin. Floating in the sea and staring at the sky. Time out from everyday life. We all need it.

What is the appeal of the beach as a vacation destination? If you deconstruct it’s an odd choice – sitting on fine gravel, lying around on a towel, drinking warm fizzy drinks and sweating heavily. But, nothing feels as good as sun on the skin and sand between your toes. Beautiful clear blue sea and fine white sand. Just writing this makes me want to pack my bags and go.

Gone To The Beach infographic covers a range of summer and beach data. From the US top 10 most popular beaches, the history of the bikini, the top billboard beach hits (Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) to most popular beach vacation activities.

The main banner design features a surf board and is represents the sea and sand. Each section is clearly formatted and representative of its subject. use of curled scroll paper and retro photo images sit well together. Typography is strong and clear enabling all information to be read. All the stats are highlighted with strong hierarchy. The colours are evocative of summer beach umbrellas and seaside buildings finishing off the theme.

The infographic from works well as a whole and represents summer holidays, it’s fun, visually appealing and has snippets of social interest data.

Gone to the Beach Infographic

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