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Global Private Equity in 2015


Private equity is a subject that I know absolutely nothing about and cannot speak with any degree of authority on. Fortunately infographics is a subject I have authority on and can speak at great length.

I have reiterated many times that what makes a great infographic is not flashy design or fancy illustrations. An infographic must have a strong foundation of content, concept and research. The styling is the wrapping that sits on top of the substance.

I am also repeating myself when I speak about how much I like niche, industry specific infographics. That is what an infographic should be – conveying very specific, complicated or dry data to a specific audience.

Global Private Equity in 2015 infographic starts with research. They have conducted their own research and the strength of this piece of content rests on that fact. SunGuard spoke to leaders in the global private equity world to ascertain the key industry trends. Top marks. All too often I see content that is simply regurgitating data from other websites, possibly without even fact checking, and end up with a ‘me too’ piece of content.

What SunGuard have here is valuable information that other people in the industry want to read.

I very much like how they have delivered that information in a minimalist, stylised manner. It’s business focused. It looks like a white paper or company report – and that is what their demographic are used to and want to read.

This is a solid infographic and very relevant to their audience. Stylish and based on unique research. An excellent example of an industry infographic.

Global Private Equity in 2015 infographic

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