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Every Last Drop


I always use this example of one of my favourite parallax scrolling sites – Every Last Drop is a visual journey through daily water usage and saving water. The standard statistic for water consumption in the UK is 150 litres per person but if you factor in all the water that is required within every aspect of our life the daily consumption rises to a massive 4,645 litres per day – try explaining that to someone who lives in the Sahara.


The clean illustration is seamless planned to make the most of the parallax functions and the central character moves through a series of screens from waking in bed to getting in the shower to getting dressed to making breakfast to his car and then into space.

The planning and story boarding on this infogrpahic is meticulous and the coding is very slick. Love this piece of work and I think it will be a classic for several years yet.

Every Last Drop

every last drop

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