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Why Care About Pollution?

Why Care About Pollution infographic begins with an almost dystopian opening banner, a grey industrial world shrouded in smog – or is it a pre Victorian industrial nation of black lung and bad health? A rather depressing way for me to begin this review! What this infographic from does well is set the scene […]


Home Improvement Etiquette

Home improvement programmes have been popular for years on TV. Changing Rooms – who can forget Laurence Llewelyn Bowen reducing emotional couples to tears after creating a purple monstrosity out of their bedroom? My favourite being Grand Designs, I am still in love with Hüf Houses. The other end of the scale is Builders From […]


Top 5 Phones at a Glance

The Phone Price Checker from Gumtree was reviewed recently and as stated is a great piece of content that integrates seamlessly with their products for a superior user experience. I am a huge advocate for tools that enhance customer and user experience as part of a content marketing strategy. The customer benefits through a useful […]


Big Time Heists

Oceans 11 is possibly the most high-profile heist movie. My favourite is a lesser known film called (surprisingly) ‘The Heist’. A beautiful tale about a group of museum workers who decide to steal a painting. Staring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy it has a high calibre cast and is surprising that it […]