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Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

The key objectives to an infographic are: the communication of information in as efficient and concise manner as possible with the use of graphics and icons. Apart from looking at wether the content is clearly presented, when considering the review of an infographic, I factor in if it’s relevant to the target audience (on the […]


Global Private Equity in 2015

Private equity is a subject that I know absolutely nothing about and cannot speak with any degree of authority on. Fortunately infographics is a subject I have authority on and can speak at great length. I have reiterated many times that what makes a great infographic is not flashy design or fancy illustrations. An infographic […]


Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign

I have to make a confession that recently I put a website live and left the ‘noindex’ tag on. Oh my, was that embarrassing, especially when the client noticed it before I did. As any web professional can tell you, putting a website live is a stressful process and there is so much to remember. […]


Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

As a self confessed internet addict I can’t exist without broadband. Recently I had a problem with my broadband connection at home and was left offline for five days. I do everything online, short of brushing my teeth, so I was completely lost. Each time I went to turn on the TV (I use Netflix […]


20 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep

If ever a piece of content was more timely, I can’t think when. After two nights of very little sleep and months since I slept through the night, I am feeling exhausted and weary. Usually I sleep very well but the slightest hint of stress and I’m sweating and wide awake for hours. I do […]


Which Plastic Is Right For Me?

Don’t be fooled by the obscure subject matter of the title for this infographic. At first glance it might be easy to dismiss the valuable content that this piece holds. Out of all the infographics I see, and review, (that’s a lot) this has to be one of the most useful I have come across […]


Gone to the Beach Infographic

Summer time is here and all I can think about is getting to the beach and feeling some sunshine on my skin. Floating in the sea and staring at the sky. Time out from everyday life. We all need it. What is the appeal of the beach as a vacation destination? If you deconstruct it’s […]


Why You Should Buy $100 Worth of Gold & Silver

If you had invested $100 into gold or silver in 1971 your investment would be over $3,040 for gold today ($1,200 for silver). It’s a sobering thought. Gold prices have seen much speculation over the last few years due to their dramatic escalation in value. In a uncertain economic time the safest place to invest […]


Are You A Hustler or a High Roller?

What makes you tick? Is it the thrill of the hunt or the agony of defeat? Can you take a big loss at the blackjack tables and not miss a beat? Everyone who loves gaming has their own personality, and it shows in the games that they play and the style that they choose to […]