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Big Time Heists


Oceans 11 is possibly the most high-profile heist movie. My favourite is a lesser known film called (surprisingly) ‘The Heist’. A beautiful tale about a group of museum workers who decide to steal a painting. Staring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy it has a high calibre cast and is surprising that it was never released in mainstream cinemas.

There appears to be a great fascination with high profile robberies. Maybe secretly everyone would like to consider getting away with a big heist themselves and retiring to Acapulco like Ronnie Biggs did.

The Big Time Heists infographic by covers some of the world’s biggest heists by criminal mastermind gangs. Such as a safe deposit box raid in Knightsbridge, England in 1987 which resulted in a haul of $94.4 million (in todays value). The largest diamond heist in history at Schiphol airport with a value of $118 million. Gardner museum in Boston saw two men dressed as cops help themselves to 12 pieces of art worth $300 million – the case remains unsolved!

My favourite has to be the five men in Columbia who stole $9.8 million from a armoured truck and were caught after a spending spree of cars, tattoos and Mother’s Day gifts aroused suspicion!

The graphic has a strong design of a bold black background and striking flashes of yellow Police tape. Finger prints offer a subtle touch on the banner and footer to the theme.

What I do like is how each heist is given relative terms of its value by comparison. The focal point of the design is the central moon and the space shuttle circling twice. This generates visual impact to the graphic.

big time hesits infographic

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