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Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent


The key objectives to an infographic are: the communication of information in as efficient and concise manner as possible with the use of graphics and icons.

Apart from looking at wether the content is clearly presented, when considering the review of an infographic, I factor in if it’s relevant to the target audience (on the site that has authored the piece). After all, infographics produced on websites are tied into content marketing and the aim of content is to serve the audience for which it is intended.

I then judge how successful the piece of content is based upon if it meets these objectives.

It’s easy to create something that looks flashy and maybe with some interaction or animation without thought for why you are producing that. Focus has to be on the concept and the aim to the intended audience.

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent infographic is clearly directed to an audience in the rental market. It does answer a question of ‘how do I protect myself if I don’t have responsibility for the house?’ For their audience is interested in home protection – and this piece of content is useful to inform them of the realities of burglary and how to protect a home. After all 36.9% of the US population rent a home. That’s a huge audience.

The information is presented clearly. All content is concise and too the point in bite size digestible facts and stats. Each statistic is well illustrated. The layout flows well through the page with each piece flowing to the next without any interruption. The style is bold and graphic which well suits this theme of security. The palette is subdued and also fitting to the theme.

Although a serious subject this infographic does a good job of presenting some tough facts and highlights a reality many Americans must face.

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent infographic

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