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Are You A Hustler or a High Roller?


What makes you tick? Is it the thrill of the hunt or the agony of defeat? Can you take a big loss at the blackjack tables and not miss a beat?
Everyone who loves gaming has their own personality, and it shows in the games that they play and the style that they choose to play them. Some people love the thrill and action of bright lights and dazzling effects. Some people love the quiet darkness of a poker room.
Some people love to show their determination by analyzing every move, finding every edge, and walking out of the house with their pockets loaded in cash. Others love to walk in with a wallet full of hundreds and show that they can take the losses no matter what happens. It won’t phase them.
What kind of player are you? Follow your path through this infographic to find out if you are a hustler, high-roller, or something else entirely!

Are You A Hustler or a High Roller?

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