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Analysis of Commercial Warehouses in the United States


You might consider shelving to be the ‘wallpaper’ of life. Something that you don’t ever think about but where would we be without it? We need the utility but when is it ever at the forefront of your mind?

Warehousing is a ‘wallpaper’ industry. It exists in the background of life not making any noise or fuss or drawing attention to itself. But we need warehousing in our industrial and material world. Storing, stocking, picking, packing, shifting, shelving, moving, lifting.

Niche industries are fascinating and make the best content and infographics in terms of delivering very specific information targeted at a focused target audience. Pieces of content that fall into this category may be skimmed over as little interest but are undervalued for what they deliver to the intended audience.

There are approximately 11,000 commercial warehouses in the United States and 47% of commercial warehouse space is licensed under the United States Warehouse Act. That is a lot of warehousing space and a lot of regulation is needed.

I could imagine that designing a warehouse is not dissimilar to the retro game Tetris. A lot of boxes and bricks that need to fit into a predetermined space in the most efficient way to improve inventory management. At an average of 22 feet height of a warehouse, that’s a lot of Tetris bricks to stack in place.

The Analysis of Commercial Warehouses in the United States infographic is an industry specific niche piece of content that is directed to the publisher’s audience. Graphically crisp and efficient delivery of key facts about warehousing from

Analysis of Commercial Warehouses in the United States infographic

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