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America is Active


Combining two random ideas to create a new idea is one form of idea generation. It can produce highly innovative concepts with a fresh way of looking at things. Putting one piece of information into context with another helps the brain to understand the information being presented by comparing it to something a person relates to.

Information within a story that someone can relate to creates an emotional response in a reader. A person with an emotional connection is more likely to trust a brand or use their product – becuase they feel an affinity with it.

Making a connection between running a marathon and home security might at first appear to be a tenuous or bizarre comparison. But, when you stop and think to consider that a burgalry is likely to happen when you are enjoying leisure activity or on holiday then it starts to make more sense. Traveling to compete in a marathon is time away from home and it leaves your home exposed.

So, quirky – yes. But, it does make sense. I have to admire the thought process to generate this idea.

What ADT have cleverly achieved with this piece of content is to focus on a niche demographic – marathon runners – and begin to make an emotional connection by asking the question: is your home safe when you are running your marathon? The strapline: ‘Be active with your life. Be proactive with your home protection.’ affirms the connection.

The design clearly represents the concept with a ‘fun’ illustrative style and delivers key stats and facts about the theme.
America is Active infographic is a unique infographic concept with a focus on delivering information about core products.

America is Active infographic

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