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20 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep


If ever a piece of content was more timely, I can’t think when. After two nights of very little sleep and months since I slept through the night, I am feeling exhausted and weary. Usually I sleep very well but the slightest hint of stress and I’m sweating and wide awake for hours. I do take my sleep hygiene very seriously and am strict about keeping to the same bed times, even at weekends, which helps enormously. Last year I invested in a new bed with luxury hand-made mattress and all wool bedding. I urge you to read about how mites breed in synthetic (supposedly hypoallergenic) bedding and mattress and you will be itching all night.

The 20 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep infographic walks you through good solid advice to assist with your sleeping patterns and help you to start feeling rested and refreshed every morning – does anything beat that full night sleep feeling?

Making sure your bed and the bedroom is inviting can make a big difference to ease any negative psychological associations that you quickly attach after a bout of insomnia.

The strongest tip I feel is making sure there is plenty of fresh air in the room and that air temperature is cool. That goes a long way to ensure you wake refreshed and not dehydrated even if you do sleep.

The graphic is a series of clearly defined sections for each of the 20 tips. Featuring well rendered illustrations to represent the tips the format is one of rolling story rather than data visualisation. The top banner well represents the subject and instantly evokes a ‘dreamtime’ emotional response. The colour palette is harmonious and the use of colours are reminiscent of a ‘bedtime’ feeling.

This is a beautiful piece of content from with excellent advice and appealing to the eye.

20 Tips For a Better Night's Sleep

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