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the Ten Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game infographic

Ten Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game

There is no doubt that technology and specifically the internet has changed the world dramatically over the last twenty years. In the same way that the invention of the printing press preceded the ‘enlightenment’ and changed the way information was distributed; knowledge became accessible by anyone (who could read). Technology and creativity are parallel to […]

What Dog Breed Matches your MBTI Personality infographic

What Dog Breed Matches your MBTI Personality

What should an infographic be? Is it data visualisation, is it graphic and illustrative, is it information or is it entertainment? Infographics can cover all of the above and more, but an infographic is a tool to provide relevant information with or without an emotional connection to your audience. Brands use infographics to connect with […]

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries infographic

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries

Relevancy to your audience should be the first thing you think of when creating content and specifically for infographics. Your goal should be to create something informative that your audience can learn and benefit from. Repurposing content that would otherwise be confusing, uninspiring or lost within the page. Any niche which is considered ‘boring’ or […]

America is Active infographic

America is Active

Combining two random ideas to create a new idea is one form of idea generation. It can produce highly innovative concepts with a fresh way of looking at things. Putting one piece of information into context with another helps the brain to understand the information being presented by comparing it to something a person relates […]

save the air infographic

Save the Air

World Earth Day is on Friday 22nd April. In alignment with this awareness day I have been forwarded an infographic with a subject of ‘saving the air’. The fact that we now spend so much of our lives indoors (87% apparently) in practically air tight sealed buildings has attributed to a huge increase in breathing […]

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent infographic

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

The key objectives to an infographic are: the communication of information in as efficient and concise manner as possible with the use of graphics and icons. Apart from looking at wether the content is clearly presented, when considering the review of an infographic, I factor in if it’s relevant to the target audience (on the […]

R & R & RVing infographic

R & R & RVing

That title might be a bit of a tongue twister but this piece of content is a straightforward look at the world of RVs and their boom in popularity over the decades. A 64% rise in ownership since 1980 is a huge rise and, to me, begets the question: what has caused this? What surprises […]

The Sleeping Positions infographic

The Sleeping Positions

There is no doubt that sleep is one of the most fundamentals of life and it is the foundation of all health. Without good sleep it’s impossible to function to our potential. Personally I am awful if I don’t get enough sleep and find it very difficult to function without a quality seven hours minimum. […]

Global Private Equity in 2015 infographic

Global Private Equity in 2015

Private equity is a subject that I know absolutely nothing about and cannot speak with any degree of authority on. Fortunately infographics is a subject I have authority on and can speak at great length. I have reiterated many times that what makes a great infographic is not flashy design or fancy illustrations. An infographic […]

Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign infographic

Ultimate SEO Checklist for Website Redesign

I have to make a confession that recently I put a website live and left the ‘noindex’ tag on. Oh my, was that embarrassing, especially when the client noticed it before I did. As any web professional can tell you, putting a website live is a stressful process and there is so much to remember. […]

Why Care About Pollution infographic

Why Care About Pollution?

Why Care About Pollution infographic begins with an almost dystopian opening banner, a grey industrial world shrouded in smog – or is it a pre Victorian industrial nation of black lung and bad health? A rather depressing way for me to begin this review! What this infographic from does well is set the scene […]

A Fruitful Workplace infographic

A Fruitful Workplace

A few years ago I ended up sat in front of a nutritionalist out of desperation to help myself feel better. My blood sugar levels were out of control and my life was constantly peaks and troughs of sugar crashes feeling drained and shaky and getting very snappy and stressed – just like the Snickers […]


Gumtree Laptop Price Checker

The Laptop Price Checker is a continuation in the series of price checkers from Gumtree. Prime examples of useful and informative tools directed at their core user. The laptop price checker reviews the top brands and models of laptop and then delivers their average selling price. The price can be adjusted for quick and slow […]

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

As a self confessed internet addict I can’t exist without broadband. Recently I had a problem with my broadband connection at home and was left offline for five days. I do everything online, short of brushing my teeth, so I was completely lost. Each time I went to turn on the TV (I use Netflix […]

What Sort of Housemate Are You Infographic?

What Sort of Housemate Are You?

Can you remember the Young Ones TV programme from the 80s? A collection of four students who lived in London. A hippie, a punk, an anarchist and a smooth ladies man. The cult TV show was a representation of what student life was back in the 80s – in the times when you could get […]

Home Improvement Etiquette infographic

Home Improvement Etiquette

Home improvement programmes have been popular for years on TV. Changing Rooms – who can forget Laurence Llewelyn Bowen reducing emotional couples to tears after creating a purple monstrosity out of their bedroom? My favourite being Grand Designs, I am still in love with Hüf Houses. The other end of the scale is Builders From […]

20 Tips For a Better Night's Sleep

20 Tips For a Better Night’s Sleep

If ever a piece of content was more timely, I can’t think when. After two nights of very little sleep and months since I slept through the night, I am feeling exhausted and weary. Usually I sleep very well but the slightest hint of stress and I’m sweating and wide awake for hours. I do […]

Which Plastic Is Right For Me? Plastic Packaging Cheat Sheet

Which Plastic Is Right For Me?

Don’t be fooled by the obscure subject matter of the title for this infographic. At first glance it might be easy to dismiss the valuable content that this piece holds. Out of all the infographics I see, and review, (that’s a lot) this has to be one of the most useful I have come across […]

Top 5 Phones at a Glance

Top 5 Phones at a Glance

The Phone Price Checker from Gumtree was reviewed recently and as stated is a great piece of content that integrates seamlessly with their products for a superior user experience. I am a huge advocate for tools that enhance customer and user experience as part of a content marketing strategy. The customer benefits through a useful […]

big time hesits infographic

Big Time Heists

Oceans 11 is possibly the most high-profile heist movie. My favourite is a lesser known film called (surprisingly) ‘The Heist’. A beautiful tale about a group of museum workers who decide to steal a painting. Staring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy it has a high calibre cast and is surprising that it […]